Kawara soba

Kawara soba is a specialty dish of Yamaguchi in the Chugoku region. It is also called Kappa soba in some places. Cha-soba (Tea buckwheat) noodles and ingredients are placed on heated kawara (roof tile) and eaten with warm noodle soup. Ingredients include meat, eggs, leeks, dried seaweed, sliced lemons and momiji-oroshi (grated daikon and chili). The origin of Kawara soba seems to be that soldiers surrounding Kumamoto Castle cooked meat using kawara in the 1877 Southwest War. In 1961, Shinichi Takase, who runs an inn at Kawatana Onsen, developed Kawara soba as a dish for guests based on this story.

Because boiled cha-soba noodles are placed on the hot kawara, the part that touches the kawara becomes crisp. You can enjoy the fluffy and crisp parts. The flavor of meat exudes into noodle soup, which matches the fragrant cha-soba. By adding lemon and momiji-oroshi into the noodle soup while you are eating, the scent and sourness will enhance the taste.

The following shows how to eat kawara soba.
1. First, eat the ingredients and noodles with the noodle soup.
2. Next, add lemon and momiji-oroshi into the noodle soup.
3. Eat the ingredients and noodles again with the noodle soup.
4. Finally, Eat the baked crispy noodles with the noodle soup.

Kawara soba is widely eaten at home in Yamaguchi. Steamed tea soba and noodle soup are sold at supermarkets and can be easily cooked at home. However, it is often cooked on hot plates and pans instead of kawara at home. In this way, Kawara soba is often eaten in Yamaguchi, but in other prefectures it is not so familiar and some people do not know it.


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