Oni-manju (Ogre bun)

Oni-manju is a steamed manju (sweet bun) with sweet potatoes that is often made in the Tokai region. It is called Oni-man for short. Oni means a ogre, and this name was given because it looks like a ogre. In Aichi and Gifu, Oni-man are sold at almost all common Japanese sweets stores. However, it is not well known outside the Tokai region. This is easy to make at home. The recipe is shown below, so please make it if you are interested.

Sweet potato… 1 (200g)
Salt… two knobs

Cut the sweet potato into 1cm cubes.

Put the sweet potatoes in a bowl and mix the sugar and salt. Leave in this state for about 10 minutes. During this time, boil the water in the steamer. After a while, water comes out from the sweet potatoes (this water is not thrown away).

Add flour to a bowl and mix until chewy. If it is difficult to mix, add a little water (about 2 tablespoons).

Put the dough on the cut cooking sheet so that there is a little pile. Set it in the steamer and steam over high heat for about 18-20 minutes (be careful not to run out of water).

You can easily get the ingredients and make them easily. Please try it.


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