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Name: Makushiba
Age: 31
Nationality: Japan
Hobbies: Trip and Reading books

Twitter account⇒ @Makushiba
I also have a Twitter account. I tweet in Japanese as well as English.

Why do I introduce Japan?

I have some friends from other countries. Some of them come to Japan for sightseeing and now return to their home countries, and others live in Japan for work and education. They are also my English teachers. They are very kind and considerate. When I talk with them, I sometimes feel cultural differences. Due to differences in culture and lifestyles, they are sometimes puzzled in Japanese life.

Although it was a short period, I was studying abroad in college. However, at that time, I could hardly speak any language other than Japanese. I couldn’t even buy a ticket at the station. When I was in trouble, a kind person passing by showed me how to buy a ticket. I remember that he said “Have a nice Christmas” when he left (it was the Christmas season).

There were also some problems at the university where I studied abroad. The people around me talked eagerly with me. They helped me many times and took me to various places for sightseeing and shopping. Thanks to their kindness, I was able to return home with happiness. If they come to Japan, I want them to feel happy.

If you can enjoy your trip in Japan by reading my blog,

If you are interested in Japanese entertainment by reading my blog,

If my blog is helpful when people living in Japan are puzzled,

― I would be happy.

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Can I share your blog?
Thank you so much. Of course it’s OK.

I like the design of your website. How do you make it?
Thank you so much. But I’m sorry, I use WordPress templates. I’m not familiar with programming and design.

I have questions about how to create and run a website.
I’m sorry. I’m also creating a blog while studying now. If I get a little more knowledge I may write about that.

This article is helpful.
I am very happy. Thank you so much.