Tojinbo is a cliff located in Sakai City, Fukui in the Hokuriku region. It is a sea cliff facing the Sea of Japan. There are steep rock walls, with a vertical cliff of about 25m at the highest point. The cliffs seen up close are impressive. The rocks that make up Tojinbo are columnar joints of pyroxene andesite. There are only three places of this size in the world. It is extremely valuable geologically and designated as national monuments and scenic spots.

福井県坂井市三国 東尋坊のWebカメラから見える絶景、東尋坊周辺の観光スポット、東尋坊の商店街をご紹介…

“Tojinbo” was originally a monk’s name. Tojinbo, a monk, was doing wrong with the people, and when he began to rampage, no one could restrain him. Fellow monks, who couldn’t stand him any longer, invited Tojinbo to the seaside sight and took him to the top of a high cliff. They started drinking there, and Tojinbo got drunk and slept. After confirming that Tojinbo slept, fellow monks pushed him over the cliff. Then this cliff came to be called “Tojinbo”. This is said to have been the story of April 5, 1182.

It has been developed as a tourist spot, with a promenade, pleasure boats, observation towers and shopping streets. The surrounding shops are busy every day. From “Tojinbo Tower”, you can also enjoy a scenic view and overlook the horizon that extends beyond the sea. It is an ideal place to spend an elegant time. It is also recommended for those who have difficulty walking and cannot approach Tojinbo. It is also possible to see the huge rock from below on a pleasure boat. It takes around 30 minutes per round, and it will guide you at 1400 yen for adults and 700 yen for children. Please note that it may be canceled depending on the maritime situation on the day. There are several places in Tojinbo where the shaved rock surface looks like something. “Wave-shaped rock” shaped like a rough sea, “Honey’s nest rock” like a beehive. And there is a “lion rock” that can only be seen from the boat. It is named because the male lion can be seen sitting with its front legs out.

There is Oshima (O island) near Tojinbo with a red bridge over the island. You can land on foot, and from there you can overlook a huge rock surface of Tojinbo. Of course, you can also see Oshima from a pleasure boat. Oshima is rich in nature. The Yabnikkei forest, which grows in a short distance from the entrance to Oshima, is rare in the whole country, so it is one of the points you should particularly look at. Yabnikkei smells of Coca-Cola candy from the leaves. Interestingly, not Coca-Cola, but Coca-Cola candy. Please try it by all means. Finally, Oshima has been featured on TV programs as a spiritual spot. If you are coward, you should not search in detail.



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