Zao mountain

Zao is a mountain with an altitude of 1,841 m located on the border between Miyagi and Yamagata in Tohoku region. It is an active volcano and the alert level is 1 as of 2019. It can be accessed from both Miyagi and Yamagata via the Zao Echo Line, a mountain road that connects Miyagi and Yamagata. If you do not have a car, you can use the bus. However, this road is closed in winter. In winter, the Miyagi side uses a snow vehicle, and the Yamagata side uses a ropeway.

There is a shrine near the top of the mountain.


Okama (top picture) is also called Goshikinuma and is located in the highest altitude area in the center of Zao mountain. It is a symbol of Zao that shows a rich expression by changing the surface of the lake to emerald green or deep blue depending on the weather conditions. On a clear day you can see an impressive view. However, fog often appears around Okama, so if you want to see it, you need to check the weather forecast. Fortunately, when I went there for sightseeing before, it was sunny. This top picture was taken at that time.


In winter, you can see “Juhyo (rime on trees)” called Snow Monsters. Juhyo is a phenomenon caused by the unique weather conditions in this area. A tree covered with ice and snow looks like a monster. Every year, a night tour by snow vehicle is held (It may be canceled in bad weather. Please check carefully.). On the night tour, Juhyo is lit up and is very beautiful. However, the temperature will be below minus 10 degrees Celsius. Please participate with warm clothes. Juhyo begins in January and the best season is in February. It’s collapsed in March.

In Zao, you can enjoy beautiful scenery in all seasons: flowers, green trees, Okama, autumn leaves, and Juhyo. There are also Zao Onsen and the largest ski resort in the Tohoku region. This is a great place for sightseeing.

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